Wow – Dogs on the beach eating watermelon

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.

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75HAlan is driving a pick-up truck along the road with a flock of ducks in the back. He is stopped by a zealous police officer who informs Alan that he is speeding and then asks him where he’s going with all the ducks. Alan replies that he is not sure what to do with them. Alan thanks the police officer and drives off with his ducks.

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I guess you have heard about Garfield, the world’s most famous lazy cat. Well, this is his real life brother. This cat makes Garfield look like a very lively and energetic pet. I envy this cute animal, eating and sleeping all day. Sounds like an ideal life style. Its owners must enjoying this, too; having a lazy fur ball of a pet. Just see this funny photo gallery of this lazy cat.

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